Shakespeare in Stratford

So far, the musicians and I have enjoyed preparing the Celebrating Shakespeare program for this Saturday’s concert. Though it is a piece I know well, I have waited a long time to finally have this opportunity to conduct the blazing hot masterpiece, Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet. On the other hand, it’s also been exciting to study William Walton’s film score to Henry V, a piece that was not familiar to me. Part of my preparatory “homework” included watching the film. After this, it was a treat to hear the rich live sound of the score in rehearsal (without the 1944 sound quality, but with the 1944 warmth of course!).

Tomorrow night we will work with our readers, Tom Rooney and Sarah Farb.

Summer Camp

I had a new experience this past July as a first-time member of the faculty at Music At Port Milford Chamber Music Festival and Summer School. It was great to work, play, and live alongside my colleagues the Afiara Quartet and Angela Park, and I was charmed by the unique set of traditions and daily music making that the camp held dear.

Perhaps foolishly, I packed plenty of composing and related projects for those periods of the day when I would not be occupied by conducting the orchestra or coaching chamber ensembles. Yet, despite really needing to work on my projects, I could not help investigating what the choir and madrigal rehearsals were all about, …. and, once there, … I was hooked. How could I miss a daily rehearsal when there is something so great about singing songs from the 60’s and 70’s with lots of harmony? And madrigals?

Thank you to all the great students and Meg Hill for the wonderful and inspiring time.